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The Mysterious FaceTime Call


The Mysterious FaceTime Call

Every day, at exactly 3:26pm, I get a mysterious FaceTime call from a blocked number. When I accept the call, I get this picture, of what looks like an image of a kid with a blurred face who is wearing a sky-blue shirt who is holding a blue and white remote. I also hear really low breathing coming from the FaceTime call. But when I hear the breathing, I can also feel it. Cold, rough breath is going down my neck. “Something is behind me.” I thought. I looked behind myself rapidly, what I saw was horrifying. Written on the wall in blood said “I’M HERE.”. And before I looked back at my phone I got a quick glimpse of my window, the kid that was in that picture, was starring at me. After looking at him for 8 seconds he disappeared. I couldn’t sleep that night, I kept all my lights on, and blasted dub-step music to strain my thoughts and hopefully gain my sanity. The next day, at 3:26pm, I got the call again. I didn’t answer it. It rang for about 16 minutes, until I finally answered it. This time, the picture of the kid moved. “So it wasn’t a picture? He was just staying abnormally still.” I thought. The kids face screeched so loud I became deaf, I couldn’t hear anything. The second after, everything was black. I was dead.
Credit To – Evan Willock

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  • Earthcub12

    Okay, wait. How is he still narrating even when he’s dead? ‘Cause f*** logic, that’s why.

  • Amnestey

    You had something going there for the first 3 sentences. Then it died.

  • Another Pasta Writer

    Oh My God. They have laptops in heaven.

  • Red

    “The second after, everything was black. I was dead.”
    Well, thank the LORD!

  • http://www/ Emileeheavin

    How did you wright it if yo are DEAD!?!????????!?!?!????

  • wondrer

    he respawned.

  • GLaDOS

    Using dubstep to promote sanity?

    Must have been opposite day.

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