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The One Who Follows

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Before I explain the many experiences to you all, I must make one thing very clear. DO NOT try to go after whatever the hell this thing is. It is not in our plane of existence it is beyond us. It has ruined my sanity and my own well being. It cannot be stopped…

Saturday, May, 22 2003
It was a normal morning, birds chirping, coffee brewing, and the wonderful smell of pancakes. I was a mere 6 years old at the time and I loved everyone and everything. I ate my breakfast and asked permission to go down to my friends house, my mom said yes because it was around 11 or 12 and we liked to sleep in. I happily went out the door and said my usual “hello” and “how are you” to my neighbors liked my mother raised me to do. As I arrived at my friends house no one a swerved the door so I walked back out the gate and turned back to head to my house.
“Chance, come here”, whispered someone. I looked around to see nothing but a strange mist a couple of feet ahead of me. “What’s that”, I whispered to myself. “I am your savior, and you are now my puppet of time, space, and existence”. “What am I”, I said back. The mist whispered another time but it was not comprehensible. I was scared so I ran back home and didn’t say a word to my mother about what happened.
I was playing in the creek by my house. It was a small but fun spot to hang out or just to get some peace and quiet. I heard a whisper again, it was louder than the first time. There was no apparition this time though just me and nature. I can remember the aggressiveness in the things tone when it said,”ego sum, qui sequitur”. I was not scared that’s an understatement, I ran home yet again. The creek is only 6 blocks from my childhood home so I made it very fast. My mom was worried and wanted to know why I was so scared so I told her what the creature said. She explained to me about the forgotten language of Latin and she said it translates to “I am the one who follows”. I was terrified and she wanted to know how I knew this phrase. I explained both experiences. My mother grounded me for talking to strangers and I was never to be at the creek again. But this did not stop The One Who Follows….
Three Years Later…
I was now 9. I had forgotten all about the my strange encounters. Me and my friend Tyler’s (my friend down the street) friendship was still very strong. It was like this up until mid-june of 2006. We had been in a fight over a girl in the third grade and it was now summertime. We had agreed to never let a girl get in the way of our friendship ever again. This was of course not going to work so, I took the asshole move of calling her and talking to her on the phone. Tyler figured out and he punched me. I knew I deserved it so I ran away without fighting back. I was alone in my bedroom the day after when I heard a knock on the door. I ran downstairs and opened the door. No one was there. “Real funny Tyler. You can play ding dong ditch all you want ill just ignore you”, I yelled out the open door. I slammed it shut and rannwent back upstairs. My mom was out back so she had heard me yelling. She walked upstairs and asked me why I was yelling and I told her that Tyler was just playing a prank on us. She nodded ok and went back outside. “Tu es, qui audit loquentem”, whispered a voice. It was close, so close I could feel the cold breath on my neck. I jumped up out of my chair as fast as I could. “What the hell do you want from me”, I screamed. I didn’t curse much at that age in fear I would get in trouble. I was frightened though. I ran out the back door and told my mom. She said I was playing too many video games. I angrily stormed away from her and went down to the creek. I still went there regardless of my permanent ban from it. I sat on a rock on the bank of it so I wouldn’t get wet and I just thought for a while. My concentration was broke though by more whispering. “Vos oportet accipere hora fatalis”. I understood the phrase this time though, it translated to, “you must accept your fate”. I was scared but also shook that I could understand Latin. I then thought of the earlier sentence I got and it meant, “you are the one who listens”. I just sat there and yelled out phrases in Latin until I got a response. I didn’t receive a response until I asked what the thing meant by “you must accept your fate”. The response was “veniatis mecum. Ego fatum praeterita et futura. It wanted me to come with it and make it my future. I said no…
1 Week Later…
I was on the run. I had killed Tyler and my mother. I left a note in Latin explaining I am the one who listens to my father when he got home from work. I did the crimes because the voice showed me the path, the path to another dimension. I must kill to go there. I loved killing. I thought It was good for us all to rid the world of the people my voice told me to. I am 16 now. I don’t want this damn life anymore I am turning myself in. I want the death penalty I hate life. Don’t listen to The One Who Follows he is not the answer. If you do you could become me, evil…

Hoc amare non futurum. Tempus est dicere, Non te aut

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  1. This went from a 9 year old puppy love to a 16 year boy who murdered his best friend and mother. This makes no sense. There is no logic. The end.

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