I have heard one of the top scariest fears are clowns and since I’m also scared of clowns and have my own story of why I have decided to tell you these colorful happy faces can be very terrifying and why. When I was little my mother had taken me to a circus she told me it would be very fun and most of it was we rode elephants, ate cotton candy, got face paintings, ect. Close to the end we went to the latest show they had there. The title of the show was “Rainbow” and they had scenes for each sketch and the funny thing is I can’t remember any but one. It was called “The Rainbow Clown” watching this so called entertainment up front at the best seats close to the actor’s feet was amazing but then the lights started t dim and weird music came on it sounded like something you would hear from a old creepy music box. The “Rainbow Clown” making his entrance looked scary from the start. He had a white face but his face didn’t look painted on that was strange he had colors in a rainbow dripping from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. He had long skinny black things come from out of his back that was six feet long and also that had balls spread a foot apart each were colored differently also forming a rainbow they started leaking colors all dripping on the floor but all colors faded away except for the red ones I was the only one to notice but didn’t pay much attention to it but it really looked like blood and it scared me i can tell you that much. I was to mesmerized by the scary way he looked I didn’t pay much attention to the strings he was dragging around till the last few moments when a little girl came out she made a fake painted smile on hear but me being so close could hear her crying she walked weird and her legs bent ways normal peoples shouldn’t she had the same red spots dripping behind her only she didn’t have the rainbow thing on her at that point i started to scream and panic then fainted. Closing my eyes slow I could see the clowns face quickly turn to me like he was startled and angry I had interrupter his performance. About half an hour later after the performance I had awoken in a small RV on a couch I heard my mother dear outside and quickly rushed after her frightened not knowing where on earth I was, but so happy that she was close to me. When I walked outside “he” was there the “Rainbow clown” he asked if I was okay and I answered him with a “yes I’m fine!” he looked weirdly at me and asked if he could perform the rest of the act I missed since I had fainted. I told him no and that I fainted for a reason, but my mother told me to stop being so rude and said “free is free no matter what it is TAKE IT!” Her usual response to free things so I was forced to Re watch the performance, but he didn’t have the girl and when I asked about her both he and my mom looked at me strange and said “girl?” and I said “yes the puppet girl who was performing with you.”  My mother had said “I think you have hitten your head harder than I thought maybe we should go to the emergency room.” But “he” smiled I saw it! That’s all I can remember from there except  as we were driving away from the fair later I looked at him while he was waving and there she was right be him! He put his arm around her! Then it hit me he knew what I was talking about the whole time and without his makeup or anything the rainbow and colors came out from his mouth and nose again scariest thing I have ever seen! I told my mother dear later and asked if it was all a joke, but she said no and that she didn’t know what I was talking about.  About a week later my mother dear read the news paper and he was in there! He was stabbed to death with his own custom thing (the 6 feet thing) was actually in his back and blood leaked everywhere but not just red… but the colors of the rainbow like someone made a joke out of his death! It was sick! I was so scared that night and can’t really remember but my mother dear told me that I kept saying I saw the man and the “girl I made up in my head” The whole week. Now I’m really scared of clowns but I have my own reason why and it’s not made up the girl is real! I’m not crazy I don’t need help! Or maybe I do….
Credit To – Melissa Brennan
Credit Link – [email protected]

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