The first day before this horrible event.I was about to die my best freinds Seth and jack had got me a new Xbox 360 back then those were really popular . I got home around four-o-clock only to see that I had left my tv on “I’m so fucking stupid” I muderd to myself . The tv was on the 4:00 news they had said it would be rain all week and possible black outs “shit I can’t play my Xbox or lightning mite run in on it” I had sat down and wacted some shows and decided I would go on a walk even know its was raining I said what the hell so I started my useual rout around the block and when I was passing jacks house the house on the corner I saw a man with a white hoddie and black paints he seamed to be smiling but it wasn’t a uaslaul smile . His close seemed to be stained in a liquid that was washing off of him I started to get freaked out so I started going home on the way there I couldn’t stop thinking about his smile . When I got home and laid on the lazy to go up stairs to the bedroom so I turned off the lights and went to sleep but was awoken by a sudden slideing noise I grabbed the 9mm I keeped in the self for protection and went down stairs to see what our hwo made the sound I went to the kitchen only to see the same man in the corner we looked at echotheir eyes locked until he raised his hand and said GO TO SLEEP I raised the gun and trained but he moved right beside me and nocked it out of my hand without even thinking I ran out the door and went to Seth’s house only to find that he had been stabed in the chest I reached into my paints poket in my poket was my cellphone I called 911 “911 emergency what’s your trubble”  “a man is following me and I think has killed my friend  please help” ok sir what’s your loca- the phone had died I turned around seeing the man standing in the door way I bolted up the stairs and jumped off the balcony Seth had landed on feet and ran to jack was outside on the porch luckily still alive he said “you look like hammerd shit what happend Michael” no time call 911″  “why” cause a man is chasing me  just do it” “ok ” the next day searched on the Internet and found the name of my stalker Jeff the killer

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