The Secret of The Jade Orb
July the 3rd 2002
I went to stay over at my Cousins and played Pokémon with him. We both own copies of Heartgold and Black 2, but we preferred Heartgold. I went to train my Poochyena, and my cousin was just doing some random stuff I didn´t really bother him with. He told me I needed some Ultra Balls (I had 30) and he needed some too. When I walked into the Department Store, my cousin told me something weird was going on. The guy that gives you berries, wore a green uniform instead of an orange one. My cousin talked to him, thinking that he would receive a berry. He suddenly got a Jade Orb! We were freaked out since you don’t simply get a Jade Orb. It was also very late so we went to sleep.
July the 4th 2002
When we went downstairs, my cousin’s DS was still on. He was preparing breakfast, so I sneakily went to open his DS. Instead of Goldenrod City, he was at the Embedded Tower. Then things got downhill from there. Firstly, all 3 legendaries were standing there, so I assumed his game was a bootleg. I thought I could be a little nice to him, so I tried to catch them. Never did I got into a bigger problem. The game started to glitch when I tried to talk to Rayquaza, he only said in spiky letters ‘’Soon…’’. Curiously I talked to Groudon and Kyogre. Groudon replied with ‘’The Jade Orb…’’, and Kyogre with ‘’Shall MORT’’. The ‘’mort’’ was from a different language, didn’t know if it was French or Latin, but it was a foreign language. Rayquaza started walking in random directions, and so did Groudon and Kyogre. I talked to Rayquaza who replied with ‘’Please… Set us apart…’’ then prof. Oak walked in and told me the Jade Orb disappeared from his lab. I thought this was some new DLC cutscene, but after all the glitches it was more of a hack. The Jade Orb wasn’t in my cousin’s key item bag anymore, so I once again talked to Rayquaza. This time I understood what he said. The Jade Orb shall cause death, and shall separate them. They wanted this. They knew this. Suddenly, I felt I want to get rid of my friends and a really desperate feeling. I told my cousin I was leaving, and went home. Then I went to sleep.
July the 5th 2002
I went to walk outside and play some Pokémon. When I went into the garden, my DS also started to glitch. This time my Embedded Tower also had the 3 legendaries! The Jade Orb was in middle of them, possibly ‘’separating’’ them. I talked to Rayquaza, who told me not to take the orb. Curiously I still took the orb. Big mistake. They all started screaming with high-pitched and distorted cries. Purple stuff started bleeding from their cheeks. Their eyes became black and yellow. Black like the night sky, and yellow like a rattle snake. It was almost hypnotizing. They told me to get separated of my friends. I knew it. I was like them.
July the 6th 2002
In the pause at school, I walked to the field. I saw some green round thingy lying there, maybe some toy of some sorts. But when I came closer, it resembled the Jade Orb. There was a writing on the orb. ‘’Never come together, one must be rejected from bonds. The all-seeing atonement. Jade.’’.

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