I was about 9 years old when I saw one. I am 20 years old now, and I still remember that night like it was yesterday. In the summer I always would get shipped off to my God father’s house in Mojave, CA. I had no protest on going there though because I loved to hang out with my cousins and explore the desert. It was so different from the busy city life I lived in.

I can’t recall what the town’s name was that they lived in but it was extremely small. Everything was walking distance, and when it’s dark in Mojave it’s pitch black. Only the light of the moon can be seen when it turns to night. I had two cousins that I did everything with, we were practically sisters. The Eldest, Ashley, was 14 at the time and her sister Maxine, the youngest was 7. I was in the middle.

Maxine and I, being the youngest had a much closer bond with each other. We would always play barbies in her room, I always hated her room because it had a cellar door right in the middle of the room. We would always throw heavy cinder blocks on top of the door just in case any monsters would try and open the door and eat us while we slept. Come to think of it I hated their whole house because it always made weird creaks and bumps in the night. It was just a plane old, creepy house if you ask me.

So one night, as me and Maxine are sharing her bed drifting off to sleep, my eyes catch something lurking in her door way. My eye lids fling open and I stare at this thing, I couldn’t stop staring at it no matter how much it started freaking me out. But what freaked me out even more was that I could make out the shape of this shadow. It looked like a tall, thin man wearing a trench coat and a top hat. Scared shitless now, I try to make Maxine get up and turn on the light so I wouldn’t have to stare at this thing that looked like it was creeping in closer and closer each second.

“Max..” I whisper. “Go turn on the light..”

“No..” She whispers back to me.

We lay there motionless until I whisper, “..you see it too don’t you?”

“Yes.” She squeaks.

We lay there paralyzed, scared out of our little minds because what we where seeing right before are eyes was getting even closer. I grabbed her hand and clenched it, then excepted the fact that I was going to die right then and there. Maxine clenched my fingers tightly back, I gathered every bit of courage I had left in my little body and jumped up out of bed and stared that figure right in it’s face. I seen no eyes, only darkness as my fingers reached and flicked on the lights. There was nothing. Nothing was in the room. There was no figure. I looked at Max who looked back at me in shock, we know what we seen. It was there. I shut and locked the door and we slept with the light on the rest of the night.

In the morning we described to my Thea what we seen. A man with a trench coat and a top hat. Ashley comes out of the bathroom and asked what all of the hub bub was about. We told her what happened, she then looked puzzled and grabbed a piece of paper and started to doodle. She held up her artwork to us.

“Does this guy look kind of like this?”
asked Ashley.

Ashley had drawn a figure with a top hat and a trench coat. Maxine and I both started freaking out because she drew exactly what we had seen. How could she have known? We asked her and she told us she had seen this shadowy figure just standing in the corner of her room every once in a while. The thing is, Ashley’s room is on the exact opposite side of the house from Maxine’s room. And yet, we have seen the same exact figure.

Years pass, and they moved out of the dreadful house. They move into a better house still in Mojave though. My mother and I drove up to visit them for the weekend. This was just 4 months ago. It was late at night and Ashley was already moved out, and my God father was at work. It was just my mother, Maxine, my Thea and I all laughing and reminiscing about the past. Then I told the story about that horrible night when Maxine and I seen the shadow man. It was then when my Thea shared a story about her cousin seeing something exactly like what we had seen.

Her cousin, lets just call him Jose, was sitting near a window when he seen a man standing across the street from his house, just watching him. Watching him through his window. He shakes it off and looks away for a split second, then he looks back and sees the man only closer. Like he had ran across the street right outside his house. But ran it in 3 seconds? Impossible. So Jose starts freaking out and called his mom over to make the guy leave. His mom comes to the door and starts screaming at this unknown stranger.

“Get out of here asshole! Do I have to call the cops on you?!” She yells.

The stranger doesn’t move.

“I mean it! You better get off my property or else!” She yells.

Stranger doesn’t budge.

The mother bolts out of the house and runs towards this being but he runs off down a near by ally. She fallows
him with fast paste until she sees this stranger slip through a gap in between a house and a brick wall. The mother stops and screams, she knows that gap. That gap that divides the housing projects she lives in and a school yard. A gap so small not even a cat can fit into, but some how this stranger glided through it with ease.

Intrigued by mine and my Thea’s stories my mother started to search up more tales on these “Shadow People” sightings on the internet when her and I returned home. She found out that Mojave had tons of sighting story’s through out the years of these dark figures. They all were described the same. Tall, thin men, wearing a top hat and a trench coat. She found out that they are watchers and they did not want to cause any one any harm. They are just curios beings that take a creepy, menacing form.

What I say is true and was the only supernatural experience I ever had in my life so far.I hope to see him again soon. Maybe in the corner of my room, coming closer for a better look..

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