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The Thing


Ok this happen at exactly 6:30 i was getting out of the pool of my aunt’s house when i got outside in the street like 7:30 i was feeling watch so i decided to take a walk on the street to cool my head off and my cousins dog name Tobi he was walking with me until 10 minutes later he stop he was just watching me from a far i was at front of mi cousins house i sit in the car’s bumper and then i saw from a afar something fucking weird IT HURTS TO REMEMBER it was freaky i feel that is still looking for me maybe it wants to kill me or eat me…i don’t want that to happen but what i remember is that it walk like something weird and it’s eyes were big like really big it’s mouth it was with a big creepy smile he know i saw him….tell me how i can get this thing off my back….im scared maybe he’s just playing with me….help me please it’s 10:55 of the same day today is Wenday and this is the first day…if you see this thing you will never wish to see it it changes you….

Credit To: Cesar

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  • Critikus

    …Sorry, what?

  • Shogunfish

    You know what else HURTS TO REMEMBER?

    This story

  • OMG!It’sBacon


  • beatrix_6

    The spelling and grammar errors made it too difficult to understand or enjoy.

  • bravo104

    Is your cousin called Clark by any chance? You might want to get Kurt Russell and his men of many beards to burn up the thing for you.

  • LanaLamb

    Exactly 6:30? Come on, it was 6:31 wasn’t it? And then it was about 7:30, did the pool water ruin your incredibly accurate watch or does the timing of this event not matter as much to the continuity? Actually, what does the time have to do with anything other than establishing that this event happened on the same day as you are writing the story? And, therefore, it establishes to me that, unless I’m reading the story at exactly 11 on a Wednesday, that this happened some time in the past. Also, why did it take you an hour from getting out of the pool to get to the street? Finally, in my list of questions about this story, what is it the first day of?