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The unknown: Weird Pokemon of Death threats?


There is many Pokemon creepypasta out there. Lavender town, Ghostly hand and Gary’s raticate and just a few. No one has touched on the weird apart from hypno, The unown.

I was playing the “Diamond” and I found the cave in Solaceon town and,  with a bag full of repels, I entered. The usual unown attacking, but, in the main room, where  you read the unknown writing, I worked this out. If you click too fast you won’t be able to read it. This is what the unown say;
“You kill, you battle, lets see if you want to battle”

If you have any idea what this means or your idea is, write down below but remember,  The unown are something.

Credit To – To my brother who asked me what this says.  Without him, the truth would be unknown (pun)

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  • Bravo 104

    “You kill, you battle, lets see if you want to battle”
    So what? Once I was playing skyrim, and one of the bandit NCPs said “Can’t wait to count out your coin!”. Obviously, this clearly meant something evil was in the game, so I smashed it with a sledge hammer.

    “To my brother who asked me what this says. Without him, the truth would be unknown (pun)”
    What? That makes no sense. If your brother told you, it’s definitely a fact that he made it up. Oh, and I love the way you point out that it’s a pun.

    • It

      Well, that’s a sweet bandit. Offering to count your coin for you and saving you time.

      • M42

        And, they helpfully point out that people are easier to rob when they’re dead.

  • Paul

    Wait. Hold on! Back up! THAT’S IT???

    You lazy bastard…

  • madinverse

    I have no idea what this means or what I just read. So now I’m going to pretend I never read it.

  • Aelius Cato

    What the well is this? Did you think this pokemon Q&A chat room or something? If you were tying to scare people with utter stupidity then you might have succeeded.

    -10/10 and two downvotes(one is in sprite,but it still counts)

  • Jewinator

    Laziest of the lazy…

  • The Doctor

    Dafuq. Really? Why do people even submit this stuff, do you ACTUALLY believe it’s going to get to the main site?

  • R3cl41m3r

    Boring. I like David Freeman’s Unown message better.

  • GrammarNazi

    I stopped at “There is many…”

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      There are many reasons why I voted you five stars for this.

  • Turtleman74

    WAt s unknown?? I’m lost at unknown cus of it stupidity

  • Crappypaster

    All of the categories.
    All of them.

    • The Operator

      *sniffs the air* Do I smell… a Homestuck reference?

  • Crappypaster

    All of the categories.
    All of them.

  • BreadAss

    This should be made into a movie.

  • A Dead Skull

    without him, the truth would be unknown (pun)
    Oh, God. That is just the cutest thing.

  • TheDoc

    Up to your quote “You kill, you battle, […]” you could have done a full pasta. Good or not, it could have been a full poképasta. However, you made a huge mistake that you shouldn’t have made: You ask others to make up your theory via the comment section. Sadly, yes, this IS the laziest attempt at pasta I’ve seen, so far. Unlike real noodles, instant pasta doesn’t work here. What you typed there, could have been a starting post in a conspiracy theory forum.

    I’d love to help you improve even more, however, if there is nothing written, there is nothing to correct.

  • Elven Vegetable

    “There is many Pokemon creepypastas out there.”

    Dude, there are TOO MANY Pokemon creepypastas out there.

  • Gladostron

    Also, it’s White Hand, not Ghostly Hand. If you’re going to bring up other poképastas, at least make sure you get the names right.

  • Firemonkey4000

    Why not fus roh da the unown? Great plan if you ask me! :)