There is many Pokemon creepypasta out there. Lavender town, Ghostly hand and Gary’s raticate and just a few. No one has touched on the weird apart from hypno, The unown.

I was playing the “Diamond” and I found the cave in Solaceon town and,  with a bag full of repels, I entered. The usual unown attacking, but, in the main room, where  you read the unknown writing, I worked this out. If you click too fast you won’t be able to read it. This is what the unown say;
“You kill, you battle, lets see if you want to battle”

If you have any idea what this means or your idea is, write down below but remember,  The unown are something.

Credit To – To my brother who asked me what this says.  Without him, the truth would be unknown (pun)

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The unknown: Weird Pokemon of Death threats?, 2.3 out of 10 based on 47 ratings
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