For those pastas that are smelling less than fresh…

The Warning


Do not doubt me. I have much to offer as I have been in the same state you are. He will start coming for you. Just because he knows you read this. But it is too late now! He is already coming for you! Continue to read, this warning has much to offer.

Not only does he know you are reading this, he knows exactly where you are. He is the Hooded One, you will not see him coming, and he will just be there. Not much to explain about him see. He either kills you physically or tortures you mentally.

Look at the amount of deaths he has caused! The news may say “Suicide” it is normally anything but them taking their own life. Just him doing as I stated before, punishing you physically or mentally. To the brink of death. But he does not allow you to take your own life; he has too much fun with it. He does it himself

Behind every locked door, every dark room, he lurks. You may not know it, but you see him every day. Like right now, how he is watching you read this. The warning comes without saying…

You must read the first word of every paragraph.

Credit To – The Hooded One

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  • Yossarian

    The original version. Nice try, Hooded One. It really makes me wonder what people think when they submit a story to Creepypasta that already exists on it. Dude, it’s not like I had to look very hard. It’s listed as one of the most discussed stories!

  • The Operator (returned!)

    Sitting by the wall, joke’s on you.

  • Starkiller1086

    Oh no, the dreaded random message made by the first word in each paragraph. OMG LOLZ SO SCARRIEZ!!!!!!1!!!!!! Okay this pasta is cliché and crap.

    1/10 and a downvote

  • Clockwork Candle


  • Weirdo Reading Manga

    The really ironic thing is there was an ad for hoodies on the bottom of the page when I read this.

  • Eri