I think this site might draw a small enough audience. Maybe they wont see it, for now.

I don’t care about if someone believes me or not. Or if you like what I’m about to write. Honestly someone needs to know.

Today, or it could have been yesterday. I was driving, one of the trivial things I do now. This is when I decided I should tell my tale.

I have been living a ‘life’ of what you would call ‘eternity’. I’ve intentionally stayed out of history for a reason. I’m only stating this now to clear my head.

I’m sure everyone knows what happened in the beginning. Father’s book is very clear about it.

I began before that. We all did. But not here. Though Father will be angry about me telling, he was still there and here first.

Many of us are simply tired of ‘life’ which is why there is such a high rate of people killing themselves.

I noticed two days ago, posted on funnyjunk in the morbid channel, someone found out what we are. It was titled Russian Sleep Experiment. Or something to that effect.

Oh and I should mention that there was the other post I saw. Don’t nod off, that’s how we get you.

I’ve probably already lost half of you.

Back to history now, or the lack there of.

I was there before the garden, and Adam. I knew him well. That serpent was a pet, but not mine.

I’ve been here all along, fully embodied. Every so often we change hosts. This one seemed intelligent enough. Sadly killing himself with this Ubermonster, I was there.

I’ve come here as a warning.

Remember that low pitched noise you heard? There was a post the other day. Said it was whispers that covers up voices, how if you start noticing them, they will start noticing you, and that there is no voice without a body. Surprise. We’ve taken notice.

You want to see us don’t you? You humans are always trying to ‘gain’ knowledge. It’s just in your nature. STOP. You might not like what you learn.

Astral Projection……control yourselves. Don’t stray too far from your body. We might just be waiting for you when you get back, and to think you only wanted to know….to feel like we do…to travel at the blink of an eye…to fly. STOP, or we will get you.

A few of you have even given yourselves over to us. Science, so far off from reality. Once you die your corpse will rot and all will be forgotten. Your soul will remain in the dirt until Father says it is time. Then you shall permanently transcend into our reality. When you project you only get a foot in the door, and not all of us look that way.

Father will be calling soon. I suggest repentance.

Credit To: [email protected]

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