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I think I made it to the 4th dimension


So this dream makes no sense to me but I find it important.

Almost every night I’ll do the usual shower, lay in bed, play video games until I pass out. But it’s once my mind has left me that things begin to almost jump off the page in a sense. It’s that your so tired your vision blurs and you close your eyes for the last time before you wake the next morning. But as I close my eyes I swear I see something, nothing scary, nothing normal and it doesn’t bother me the slightest. I only get a few milliseconds of it but when it appears it stares at me.
Once asleep I stand up from my bed, walk to my closet, close it and then open it again to see a different part of the world. But not any of the beautiful sights people always crave and desire for, but rather their dark past hidden demons within the city that I see. I have walked through the portal and was in the world I looked upon moments before. But instead of being in our 3 dimensional world, it’s not quiet 2D, almost sprites of the image I saw. I would attempt to walk around and be meet by a wall and a slowly collapsing ceiling. It was never noticeable until a sharp edge hit me on my head, so I left and changed to the next world.
However through every transition, with only a glimmer of light passing through the doors, I would see the “thing” staring at me. It would wait patiently until its out of sight almost completely to show its self, but it never scared me, never said anything, just looked at me. There was a point where I found it funny, but now it’s kinda getting old.
When I would open the doors to a new world and see the shrouded sights that would bother most only make me want to step in. I may not have been able to explore or touch or smell the world, but I could hear it, feel it. Some would feel hollow like an echo infinitely running through hallways, others felt like so much agony that I wanted to burst into tears. Some sounded like low muffled cheering while others were painful calls to random names and the occasional “Charlotte”. I don’t know a charlotte so it kinda bothers me because it’s the same voice calling it every time.
Nearing the end of the dreams I would watch myself repeat the process of getting ready for bed, I used to think it was playing on repeat, but I soon noticed that the window in my room that I opened when I needed sunlight was changing. The sun was going down and I could see it. I don’t know how but I watch myself do this from 2:22am all the way to 11:11pm and theirs no speeding the process up. I sit their in wake watching myself do the same thing for 21 hours straight at the average pace.
Once 11:11 comes around I stop, stand up from laying down, look at me staring (the part of me that watches this all happen) and starts walking towards me. When the body reaches mine he seamlessly fuses with me and we in unison walk in front of the mirror and stare at ourselves. I slowly close my eyes and fall back. The descend feels like I jumped from a plane with anvils around my limbs, but once I hit the ground it shudders and I pass through with ease. Once on the other side the momentum used to make me fall also stands me back up. It’s at this point I realize I’m awake standing in front of my bed. I don’t know how but I wake up standing from my already laying position. I’m not quiet sure what causes me to stand, but if that’s how I wake up, what do I do and say when I’m asleep?

If you guys have any thing that could help make something of this please tell me because it’s been going on for about two and a half weeks.

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  1. Oh I know, you’re about to go absolutely insane. You’re very dangerous to everyone and everything especially this website.

    The solution? Try going to sleep without a video game, sounds crazy but it might actually work.

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  2. Just go to sleep without a game.

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  3. Can you move your arm? You are in the fourth dimension.

    Seriously, the title bothered me. People don’t seem to realise that the third dimension has no movement or senses. The forth dimension is feeling something or moving.

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