I was about 10. I lied down on my bed and began day dreaming. My eyes drifted to my window. Through the pale white shades was something in the distance, I don’t remember what I had seen but when my eyes came into focus, his face became much too clear. It took me a moment for it to register in my mind that there was a man outside of my window. Was he smiling…?
I flipped off of my bed and crawled as fast as I could into the hall. Chelsey was asleep, Colton was asleep, daddy was asleep too. I stood up in the hallway as quietly as I could.

Then the shadow ran across the wall in front of me.
I crawled to the end of the wall and into the kitchen, I couldn’t decide whether or not to wake up daddy…

My hand clamped over my mouth. I was so terrified to even think. Where were they coming from? How long had I been staring at the man? Was he still outside?!

I peeked over the kitchen sink and through the shades. Nothing. I closed my eyes, sighed, and turned around. My back against the cabinets. I faced the… Fridge…? No, the fridge wasn’t black.
My eyes once again focused on the face. It wasn’t a man. It shouldn’t have even been real. My heart skipped a few beats. My breath caught in my throat. I didn’t scream. I just stared.

I stared at his smile.

You always want to see their eyes when they kill you. Too bad there were no eyes to see.

Credit To: Christina Mann and Shelby Duplesis

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