With todays technology, you’d think that unexplainable events would have a logical explanation, right? Wrong.
See, With the dead, they give out electrical fields, Only weak if they are recently deceased and have died peacefully, But if they died in a rather brutal fashion, they have some rather…extravagent effects on modern tech. How do I know this? Well.
Few weeks ago I was at the flea market, (Yes, I’ve read some of these stories and I know most of them stem from these markets) And I was buying a new USB drive, 20 GB, Should hold all my coursework – in todays times, who needs it on real paper in stacks of folders when you can have it all in the back of your pocket, right? Well ÂŁ5 was the price of this USB drive, So I bought it, this is why I was here in the first place, a fiver is a good bargain for a 20GB usb drive, But yeah, this is when things got strange. I always knew that there was something creepy in the house, as sometimes my television would sometimes cut out, or my cable would do so. Or such, seeming my mother is a ‘psychic” (I personally don’t believe in the psychic hocus pocus, But I DO believe in other parts of the paranormal mythos and the such) And said there was a gruesome murder, back in the eighties in this house. Seeming this house has been here since the late 60’s…It’s quite old. And when I returned home, the upstairs light was on, When I said weird things happened anyways, this wasn’t much of a surprise.

So when I started up this USB drive, It worked! With ease, I transferred all of my recording from my music courses, My history essays onto the USB drive. Backed them up on my computer and my portable hard drive too, in case anything happened. And thats when things got weird, I mean the kind of weird which leaves you actually frightened.

I was doing an essay on musical psychology at around 3am, and how different music have different styles and personality traits. When I, Stupidly fell asleep. As I awoke – at around 6:20 I found that all my work was gone. 3 hours of work down the drain, or so I thought. It was on my desktop. ‘Oh thank fuck’ I thought, I must’ve woken up and dragged them onto the desktop before drifting back to sleep.
Upon looking back to my USB drive, It had a light layer of dust on it. ”Weird I thought” But just shrugged it away. Suddenly, my computer re-booted, and when it came back up, The wallpaper was black. And as I went to my computer, clicked on my disk drive, There was a single video.


Quickly, I checked the files details, It was 0 megabites, 0 Kilobites. It SHOULDN’T be there – But some computer virus sometimes say they have no memory value just so they can bypass cheap anti-virus softwares, So I scanned it with AVG. Came up as a clean file, and that it was NOT a virus, So I opened it up, which even till my dying breath I will regret. It showed, not through a camera – but through someones eyes. It was interesting, but it seemed rather eerie, but the whole room was like it was straight from the eighties. They went to brush their teeth, and go to bed but the strange thing is, the video began to distort when they were looking into the mirror, much to the point I couldn’t see the face of the persons eyes I was seeing through. They went to bed, and then it went black, Like as if they went to sleep. Suddenly they awoke, and there was quiet sounds of someone rummaging through the kitchen. So they obviously went downstairs, And thats where I saw him.

He was a middle aged man, with patches of hair missing from his head, dressed in what appeared to me an old 1950’s doctors suit, with an old army satchel. he looked like he was stitched together like an old doll, With one eyelid stiched closed, and his fingers different shades of skin tone. With pieces of stitching slowly coming loose – And a small trickle of blood seeping through the stitching on his forearms. His head, twisted round to look at me. Like he was looking through the video and straight at ME. Surely he couldn’t, But after all I’ve seen it was possible. he spoke, but then the audio became distorted, to the point all I could hear was static. Then suddenly the person I was looking through spoke ”Get out of my house you fucking freak!” judging by the voice she, was a girl – and a distressed one too. He spoke, this time with less static, I could hear what he said and in a monotone, croaky voice he said ”You know, when you’re in a war? The only thing you want to do is survive, and if you’re at war with time, trying to stop yourself falling apart? Well you gotta do your best to win too, Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick.” And with that he pulled out a rusty, old meat hook, And placed an old scalpel into his breast pocket.

He then walked at a relatively fast pace at the girl, raising the meat hook and smiling, his face looking like it will rip itself apart if he smiled any longer, and swung at the girl. She dodged and ran to her front door, swinging it open and running onto her drive way. Then, she gasped, as if all air was taken from her lungs and couldn’t scream.

She looked down, and a rusted, crude knife similair to a hunting knife was straight through her chest, blood oozing slowly down the blade, She was spun round, and he was there, smiling. He pushed her to the ground, and pulled out the scalpel. He cut the stitches on his left eye – the one which was stitched together, and black putrid ooze dribbled out. Then – he held her down, and cut her eye out, only seeing through half the screen now, the other half was black just like being half blind. And he grabbed the optical nerve, using his knee’s to hold her arms down so she wouldn’t defend herself, and carefully sliding HER eyeball into his rotten cavity of an eye socket.

It rolled around and then finally looked at the girl, It was a bright blue colour, and extremely bloodshot. he laughed And then used his scalpel to slowly cut her throat. And as she was gasping, and choking to death on her own blood. she looked at her house…It was my house. And the killer threw down a piece of paper and then walked off, laughing like maniacal killer he was, She quickly grabbed the piece of paper and opened it before she expired. But before I could see it. It went black. It was the end of her life. All light was decimated, and death had claimed her. Then…Static. for about 20 seconds, wondering if there was anymore details to the video at the end I continued watching. Until I saw the girl again, stainding in a black room, with only a single lightbulb, her throat sliced and an empty eyeball socket, I felt like I was going to throw up, but I had to see what was next, Incase there was anymore details. and then, text came onto the screen:

”You’ve seen my fate through my eyes”

It cut back to her, and she pointed at her only eye

then her mouth opened and she croaked

”He’s returning tonight for your lungs, please! Run before he gets to you too”

Then, static until the end of the video…

I couldn’t sleep that night, I was completely terrified,

And then, I heard a quiet banging downstairs, As if someone was down there. I ran downstairs and there he was, and his clear blue eyeball looked straight at me, I opened the front door, and ran as fast as I could to the police station. When I arrived in the morning, Etched into the coffee table in my living room was:


and with that, a bloody scalpel was found stabbed into my doorway, and a black thick fluid dripping from the doorway to my bedroom.

I’ve moved to america now, I don’t think He would be able to get me from across the pond…I hope.

Credit To – The writer, Matthew Wright and cups of tea and horrors inspiration 🙂

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