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TIG mission to find Tangleye!


While up in my attic, a creepy, cold and dark area, I was lying there, trying desperately to go to sleep. Finally, I closed my eyes, and I went fell into a deep, deep sleep. I had a dream, my friend had thee cards, she said there were only 5 of them in the whole world. she had 3 of the 5. They looked very strange, their names were written in a different language and the picture looked like  the old fashion Pokemon card design. The Pokemon was a purple tangle of vines filled with millions of eyes. the Pokemon had no end to it, it was just a big huge purple forest looking thing. I thought it was a Pokemon deleted from the series, if that was even possible.
I looked up deleted Pokemon from the series, I found nothing. so I just forgot it, and went to playing my HG Pkmn game. I got on my 3ds, but it was weird, I was in a weird cave, the cave had no name and it wasn’t familiar at all, it was only a room with a door so I went to it. When I went through the door it was pure black. So I went to my Pokemon to see if any of them knew flash, but no one did. For some reason i had no Pokemon. but i kept going and to my surprise, i saw a light, it was a Charmander! It jumped twice and ran to me.
He said “Hello! I’m Zippy Flameweel!” I thought wait, isn’t that Charmander the same one from the monga that I’m writing because I’m writing a monga for a Charmander called Zippy Flameweel, maybe this can give me some ideas for it! Zippy said, “Come on! Follow me!” He seemed so lively although it was so dark.
We reached another room, but Zippy stopped and looked at me and asked “Are those your Pokemon?” the screen moved over so I could see a bunch of dead Pokemon slowly fading away. My character ran up there and an exclamation mark appeared over her head showing that she was surprised. They were my Pokemon, but what happened! Zippy walked up to me and said, “Oh no! your disappearing too!” He was right, I looked at my trainer card and my character started disappearing from left to right, pixel by pixel.
We hurried through the maze of darkness, it was hopeless! My character was disappearing slowly and soon I would be history! Then a Pokemon jumped out of nowhere, and I was in a battle! But I had no Pokemon. Still it said Morgan sends out Zippy. and it was him battling. We were agents a Tyranitar Lvl 100. I didn’t command Zippy, all it said was Zippy used Flameweel. But how does a Charmander learn Flameweel? And he was only Lvl 50. This made no sense to me. Anyway, the Tyranitar used Hyper Beam. Zippy fainted! Oh no!
At this time, half of my trainers sprite was gone. I thought it was all over, but then it said Morgan sends out Latias Then I sent out a Lvl 500 Latias, awesome, WAIT! Pokemon on Hg cant go past Lvl 100 but I wasn’t complaining, it was my Pokemon, I guess. She used Giga Impact and wiped out the Tyranitar. The message at the bottom said Tyranitar was murdered!
When the battle was over, Zippy said “Hi Latias! where were you?” The Latias did its cry then said “Its kind of hard to fly in this dark cave!” Zippy introduced me to Latias, and told me she didn’t have a nickname. That was obvious. Then Latias jumped twice, flew up in the air, scooped us up, and carried us away. She landed near an entry to a small door.
Zippy stopped me from going into the door, he said “Hey wait, look at your list of Pokemon!” so I did, I now had a Charmander named Zippy, his moves were Flameweel, Flame Thrower, Flare Blits, and Overheat. I also had a Latias, not LATIAS like all the other but it was Latias. Her moves were Fly, Hyper beam, Surf, and Healing wish.
We entered the room, and I only had about 1/4th of my sprite left! this room wasn’t dark, and in front of us was a massive, purple forest of vines, thick vines. It looked very familiar. Then Zippy screamed “AHH! MY EYE! ITS BLEEDING!” he was right! I went to my Pokemon and looked at the sprites and the Charmander sprites right eye was bleeding. I looked at latias’s sprite too, she had tears in her eyes. Then at my sprite, I also had tears in my eyes. Then I remembered! Oh yeah! Latias knows healing wish! Latias used it on Zippy, took most of her health, it made Zippy feel better but his eye was completely gone.
I walked up to the Tangles of vines, and went through it. Latias went over to Charmanders sprite, and Charmander disappeared, I’m guessing she was carrying him. We entered another room, at first it was only tangles, then There were Eyes all over. There was a it was that Pokemon from my dream. Charmander appeared in front of latias, he said “Its… Its Tangleye!” Tangleye! That’s his name! Is he going to attack? Its made a deep Pokemon cry, it sounded like the Lavern town music from the original games, but it was on-going.
Then out of nowhere, Shadow Lugia appeared. In my monga he is the main enemy. Then it did the evolution thing, It said What? Zippy is evolving! Zippy Evolved into a black Charmander with red eyes. We were in a battle, I sent out Zippy. Lugia was Lvl 550. That was bad. I looked at Zippy’s moves, He know Shadow sneak, Shadow ball, Dark Pulse, and Rage. Shadow Lugia took down all of my Pokemon With Dark Pulse. Zippy went back to normal. Then we sat there, hopeless. And just when we all gave up, there was a flash of white light, then again! then a blue diamond came down, I knew what it was. It was called Ruby, but it was a diamond. It flashed once more, and Shadow Lugia fainted, then faded away. It flew closer to us. Our sprites started to glow and we were to full health again and Zippy’s eye was back, my sprite stopped disappearing. Then I went up to the diamond, then a message said Obtained Ruby!
Zippy translated what Tangleye said, “Who are you? Are you here to keep my company? I’ve been here waiting for 3 millennium, waiting for a friend, Please! Help me escape from this horrible place! Its been so, so very long.” Latias asked him how he got here and he said, “When I was just a little Tangela, I wanted to see what the outher side of the world looked like, so I ventured off on my own, not listening to my parants when they said not to. I found this stone that had an eye carved in it, it was in the wall, I tried to take it out but… it didn’t come out so I used ancient power on it. It started to glow and I tried taking it out… then when I touched it, well, I evolved into a Tangleye.”
This made sense because in mt monga, Zippy lives on the opposite side of the world, where trainers don’t exist. Zippy felt bad  for Tangleye, so he said “hey, how about we be friends?” Then Tangleye shook the whole room, he seemed happy. Zippy took out a guitar that I never knew he had. He strummed it and he said “here, this might make you happy!” He started strumming a small tune that sounded like ukulele Pichu’s song. It was cute and when he was done, Tangleye was captured in a Pokeball and I picked it up, and then we teleported.
We were then on top of a dark, stormy cloud. I walked forward, and saw him, a Pikachu shaped body, but black, with blue eyes. It was Shockachu. The ultimate Strong Pokemon. He walked up to me, Zippy took Tangleyes Pokeball and walked up and stood at shockachu’s left side, Latias stood to his right side. Shockachu said “Hello Korosu, you finally came back, thanks for retrieving Tangleye. I thought Wait, my name is Morgan not Korosu! Shockachu said “I sent you to the Pokemon world so you can become a great Pokemon trainer, you have done very well, so I thought you could handle tough Pokemon, I was right. Now, let me see the ruby please!” I had a choice to say Yes or No. I chose yes, wondering what would happen if i ever tried to say no, then Shadow Umbreon and Shadow Mewtwo came up to take the Ruby, they were the guardians of the ruby.
Shockachu said that I had to go home then, and he would maybe send my on another mission again some day, but he hasn’t done it yet, the game automatically saved, and I appeared in my room at my house. I looked on the computer, and I had some mail, it said Dear Korosu, we were so happy to see you again, and we hope to meet again soon, me Latias, Shockachu, and the others would like to see you again some day! sinsearly, TIG. I went down stairs, and my mom gave me a Pokemon egg, she said she saw a wild Buizle swim up and drop it off at our door step, and a note on it said To: Korosu From: TIG Then mother asked if Korosu was my friend, then she said well, it must be from your friend I… I guess.
Credit To – Morgan Cool

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  • Capitalization

    I really don’t understand how this is scary.

  • Paralore

    *Yawn* learn to spell

  • The Operator

    Focus Band-Endeavour-Quick Attack Rattata = Instant kill for any pokemon ever = Immunity to all bad pokepasta stories. Problem?

  • David

    …oh my. I’m not sure what to say.

  • Pax

    Fanfiction. This is obviously fanfiction. I… I think I got a brain hemmorage by just reading this.

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    This is undeniably exquisite and tasty. It somewhat reminds me of a pachycephalosaurus’ mating ritual. Green and gold with feathered boas weaving their way through the tangerine trees along Wichita pine. The grotesque monster has ample storage space in his shed for marmite sandwiches and the pitter patter of tiny feet. The doormouse lies dormant in the dormitory waiting for dawn. Dominating Dominicans dream of drowsiness and disc discarding along a velvet ocean, Alfed Frederick Dinglebottom appears to be broken.

    • Ms.Not-So-Human

      …what the fuck…

      • craphunter1018

        When it comes to Alfred, don’t ask.

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        I thought it was somewhat poetic. I honestly don’t remember writing that. I think the story damaged me.

    • The Doctor

      Alfred.exe has stopped working.

      • The Scatophile

        There really should be a creepypasta about the crappypasta community going insane…

        • I’m bravo104 on a diffrent computer, and if you think my name is too long be glad I’m not commenting on the one with the demons.

          That implies we’re not already insane….

          • The Doctor

            Just use your same email address, and it should pick it up. That’s what I do.

            Btw, I’m excited ’cause my creepypasta got accepted for the main site! First try too!

  • Xarkyte

    Manga. It’s manga.

  • Anonymous

    I… I have so many grammatical corrections.

    First off… FlameWHEEL. It’s not flameweel, it’s flamewheel. It’s MANGA, not monga. Overall, the grammar is not so great. Especially with most of your sentences being composed of several commas.

    Second, about the… “monga”, when you first mentioned it, you just randomly inserted it when Zippy first appeared. (Here’s the quote for reference:)

    “I thought wait, isn’t that Charmander the same one from the monga that I’m writing because I’m writing a monga for a Charmander called Zippy Flameweel, maybe this can give me some ideas for it!”

    It sounds like this whole pasta is supposed to be about how similar your manga is to this incident of you playing your Pokemon game, so why just spontaneously enter it right there? It would play out better if you first began with the background BEFORE starting the pasta, not entering little tid-bits of it as you see fit. That way, once I read that Zippy shows up, I instantly make that connection without you even having to explain!

    It also sounds like your thoughts are mixed with your narrative a lot. I can’t tell if it’s what you’re thinking, or if it’s you narrating half the time… It may make perfect sense to you, but as I read it, I get lost, and therefore uninterested. ALWAYS make sure you tell the story clearly, so the audience doesn’t even have to stop and question you for one second! Make the audience trust you and your storytelling abilities.

    And please please PLEASE don’t use abbreviations of games. I mean, I KNOW that HG stands for HeartGold. All Pokemon fans know this. But what if someone else reads it that doesn’t even know what Pokemon is? Always assume your audience is someone that wants to read your pasta, but has no prior knowledge of what you’re presenting. This is the most efficient way to get your point across without wasting time, OR contradicting yourself.

    Also, the title seems a bit confusing. It’s perfectly fine to say “Mission to Find Tangleye”, but make sure people know it’s a Pokemon-related pasta. At first, I didn’t even know what Tangleye was! Also, the grammar; it’s gotta be some thing like “Pokemon: The Mission to Find Tangleye!”. But… Even then, were you really searching for Tangleye in the first place? In your pasta, it seemed like you were just going with the flow, not actually going out of your way to search for it. I also don’t know who TIG is. I say who because on the note in the end, it read “From TIG”. I honestly became confused as soon as I read the title. The title is basically an overview of your literature, be sure to remember that. Think of it like a challenge: explain your literature in just a couple of words.

    Also, who exactly is Shockachu? I know you mentioned he was “the ultimate strong Pokemon” but what else? Why does he want the ruby? What makes him so different from an average Pikachu besides appearance?

    One last thing. It’s a major edit, but it will make the pasta better in the end. Pastas usually DON’T have happy endings, except when the situation calls for it. In your case, I think a happy ending doesn’t apply. In fact, the ending just sort of dropped off… Why did your player get an egg? Who is TIG (As I mentioned before)? I also didn’t know how to interpret the ending. Was it happy? Was it sad? Was it scary? I assume happy because the player came out alive, yes? Again, make sure the reader NEVER second-guesses you or your story.

    Look, I’m not trying to be mean. Not at all! This is merely constructive criticism. It has potential for sure, but it needs MAJOR revising. Good luck!

  • The Doctor

    And also, this isn’t a pasta, it’s a fanfic.

  • TheRaptorCat


  • Weirdo Reading Manga

    I’m sorry, Weirdo is not responding due to the idiot author’s ATROCIOUS spelling. This tragic event shows us all that everything is NOT spelled phonetically.