The night went on. It was very silent. Every now and then, you could hear a cricket. The lake was glowing in the darkness. The trees covered the moon, making it almost impossible to see.
Steve ran frantically. He heard behind him a slow crunching noise. It was a boot stepping on twigs. What was he doing out at midnight? Steve was running away from a killer. He was only 14, yet the man murdered Steve’s family. He tried to get Steve, but the only part the man’s knife was able to hit was Steve’s arm, which was throbbing. He didn’t see much of the man, but he remembered exactly what he looked like. He wore a black shirt, black pants, and a black beanie. His face was the most disturbing. Where his eyes should have been were replaced with the top of a triangle.  The bottom of the triangle took over his mouth.
Steve hid in a bush. He peered around. His heart stopped. He didn’t know whether to run, or stay put. Before he could decide, a black boot stepped in front of his face. He wasn’t sure if the man could see him or not. Steve wanted to scream his head off, but he couldn’t. He put his hand over his mouth. Suddenly, the boot stepped away.
Steve made his first mistake. He sighed, instantly frustrated with himself. The killer looked straight at him. Steve wasn’t sure, but he thought the man smiled. He took the knife, and threw it at Steve. It pierced slightly through his back, and he fainted.
He woke up on the lake’s dock. He tried to scream as loud as he could, but he was in too much pain.
“Let go of me! What did I do to you! I won’t tell anyone, I swear!” he cried.
He just glanced at Steve, than went back to what he was doing.
“What are you doing? Who are you?”
“Triangle,” the man told him. His voice was wispy, as if he hadn’t said a word in years.
Steve cried. For a minute, he didn’t care if he died. His family was gone, what more did he have?
Triangle turned around. He held a cement cylinder with a rope on it. He grabbed Steve’s leg, and tied it around him. Steve felt paralyzed, he couldn’t move. He realized he had much more to live for.
Triangle gave Steve one last grin, and tossed the cylinder in the water. Steve began to sink, and right when his mouth was about to submerge, he stopped sinking.
Triangle began to laugh. He picked up one of his knives. Steve closed his eyes, but after a minute, he was okay. He opened his eyes, and the rope had been cut.
Steve was okay! He was free too! He looked around, but Triangle was nowhere to be seen. Steve took a step out of the water, and was pulled back in. He opened his eyes underwater, and saw Triangle. Steve tried to scream, but a knife went into his chest.
He saw Triangle swim up, but with the hole in Steve’s chest, he couldn’t get up. Steve sunk to the bottom. After a few seconds, Steve was dead. Triangle walked away with a smirk on his face.

Credit To – Kyle the Crazy

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