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“JESUS!!” I cried.
Being Jolted from a half dose at a quarter to midnight by my new ‘halloween theme’ ringtone didnt do wonders for my heart-rate, especially since I’d momenterally forgot I’d changed the tone at all that day.
Took me a while to find my phone stuck down the side of the armchair I was sitting in, not helped by the fact that the only light in the sitting room was the static on the widescreen tv.
“unknown number.”
I answered it, there was no-one there.
To be honest I was expecting heavy breathing on the other end as I was still a little freaked out, but there was no noise at all.
I hung up, took a deep breath and frowned- Maybe I just pocket dialled myself.
My old phone could make a self call designed to create a diversion, although I wasnt familiar at all with this piece of crap. Dad bought it from a gas station for twenty bucks a few days ago, I lost my Iphone on a trip to the city last week.
I flicked through the features on the menu screen trying to find such an option, but didnt have much luck, for one thing I didnt have my glasses on, plus the screen was about half the size of a credit card.
I cursed and decided to watch T.V. instead to take my mind off things.
I tried using the light of my cell to find the remote with little success.
Groaning out of laziness, I hauled myself out of the chair to get to the lightswitch.
Stopping halfway, I registered the fact that I had the T.V. on the satillite channels when I fell asleep yet now: static from the analogue Ariel.
I ran the rest of the way to the switch and basically punched it.
Light flooded the room and my darting eyes saw nothing.
After a deep breath, my moment of fear passed, guess I was a little unused to having the whole house to myself.
Mom and Dad were only gone for the night, but it was quite a treat for me since they rarely went anywhere, even during the day.
Nowhere to go but fields around this part of the country, so them going to a friend’s wedding meant I finally had some solitude.
I still couldn’t see the remote so I decided to recheck the sides of the armchair.
I threw my phone on the seat and reached deep down either side.
The Phone rang again at full creepy blast with my ear pressed right up against it.
I agrily grabbed it- “Dammit what!??”
Again, there was dead silence.
Cursing, I threw the phone back on the seat hard.
At that moment, the power went out, thrusting me into total darkness.
With a shriek, I scrambled to grab the phone again and found it in an instant.
Using the screenlight to see, I panicked and bolted down to my room as fast as I could, jumped into bed and pulled the covers.
I was panting hard, from both the run and the fear. I couldnt form any thought for about 5 breaths, until I decided to call dad.
Looking at the screen, I saw I forgot to hang up the last call.
My breath caught in my throat as I saw that the number wasn’t an “unknown number”- It was mine.
My old number from the phone I’d lost.
My terrifed mind began to race through a thousand horrible implacations until I realised something else.

My bed was already warm.

Credit To: Declan McNamara

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