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Unknown Time


A girl stood in the middle of a wooded area in her hand she clutched a knife with a hooked end,some what of a fish knife….she was drenched in what it would seem water,from her head to her toe her mouth was twisted into a grin,and glassy look in her eyes…………..her eyes weren’t normal……..they were cold………miss-colored…..………and on her right eye…….a jagged scar leading from the top of her eye down to her chin a ice blue eye stared sadly innocently……….her left eye was covered in a mess of bloody black bangs…she knew why she was like this,she could remember every memory every agonizing second of it .

Gabriel Andrews,or what she would like to be called Gabe,she stared at the coffin were her dead cold mother laid,her eyes narrowed at the sight her eyes were streaked in tears she felt…..guilty. Her mother had died in a car crash while on her way to work hit and killed in a second….it wasn’t Gabriel’s fault completely,she just wished her mother stayed if she didn’t keep her mother back…….that second she was hit,everything could be different her mother could be here not in a coffin.

The following few weeks her father kept going out and drinking,coming back to only beat Gabriel till she bleed he yelled and yelled at her saying it was her fault once,he even cut her eye once with glass no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t fight back.

The following night she laid in a bath of bleach her hoodie was soaked, the bleach only got half of her black hair turning it pure white,the bleach got to her right eye irritating it and turning it bloody red,her other eye that held her scar stayed there glazed over an icy blue.She could hear the slam of the downstairs door,her father yelling screaming,her emotionless mouth then turned into a sick twisted grin she got out of the bleach bath and opened the door heading down the stairs bleach trickling down her face she grabbed a nearby knife,the one her father used for gutting fish during the Summer.

She knocked him down to the ground,raising the knife up and bringing it down into her fathers throat, her eyes were angered and insane,she grinned as wide as she could she pulled the knife out and dug it into his eye.Insane laughs,bloody screams,and pitiful attempts to push her off,he failed as she stabbed him , gutting him until his body went limp.

After multiple murders of people drowned in bleach,their right eye gauged out,and gutted with their throats ripped no one still had found the killer, no finger prints , nothing………..they hadn’t ether found the time the victims died

This murder case was filed

“The Unknown Time”

Credit To – TeddyBearLover24
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  • Her Grace Killjoy Rainbow

    Gabrielle, sweetheart.

  • A Zerg Hydralisk

    I skimmed through and saw a bunch of “……………….”

    when doing that, you only put 3, like so “…”
    if you want it even longer, do this “… …”
    never make it too long.

    that’s all im gunna say right now.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly thought the plot was pretty good, but the story seems more of a rough draft, and the ending was a bit cliche.. And the buildup of the story was rushed too.. But I think it’s a good start.

  • Firemonkey4000

    Miss-colored. XD