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Where’s my dog mom?


As I saw her holding the knife with lots of blood in her hands, I panicked. I saw my mother Iaying on the floor. When I looked again to the girl, I got confused on her emotions in her eyes; she is like so depressed, happy or seemingly fine. I couldn’t get what she really feels. She is relaying a message through her eyes and I can’t really find out what it is. My eyes shed some tears as she begun to cry. Police were coming, I can feel it. They were surrounding the house, I can’t move, I can’t carry my legs.

I think two of them were coming, they were shouting my name! They were finding my mother. “Where are you Laisse?” one of the police shouted. I hurriedly carried my mother’s body and enclosed in the nearest cabin in the kitchen, I quickly keep the carpet with blood and washed my hands. “There you are!” one of the police shouted. My heart dropped a bit, “What are you doing here?” I asked blankly. “You just called for an emergency” he added. “Well, I just lose my dog” and I smiled melancholy.

“Fine, so did you find it?” he asked. I simply nodded “My mom let it play outside, I think it will be back soon”. “Fine, we may go” his companion said finally. As they were turning their backs, I get the knife and stabbed them thoroughly; I stabbed and stabbed and stabbed them. “I need to see my dog!” I shouted.

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  • Shogunfish

    Dafuq did I just read?

    Honestly did you write a ten page story, then delete all but a few random paragraphs from the ninth page?

  • Poodleinacan


    … Yes, this sums the story pretty well.

  • BlueBlue

    I just imagined someone going apeshit and stabbing some policemen for no reason while yelling "I NEED TO SEE MY DOG!"
    It actually made me laugh.

  • dude]

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL SOOOOO STUPID, but if he ever acctually finished it (and started it LOL!) it Might just MIGHT be creepy pasta worthy

    • BlueFox

      And exactly what part of this shit-pile suggests that to you? You must be aware that it takes more than a completed story to make it to the main site, so why would you assume that a pasta from this author containing a beginning, middle, and end would be anything more than a bigger shit-pile?

  • OMG!It’sBacon


    • AssassinNumber7

      Well said, my friends. Well said.

    • AssassinNumber7

      Jesus, this pasta needs more salt.

  • Phoenix

    What the hell happened?! OH MY GOD. That was SO STUPID IT DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE WHAT THE F**K?!

  • godsband4life

    I actually liked, until I realized it had no plot…didn’t make sense…didn’t line up with the title…wasn’t creepy…wasn’t well written…left you scratching your head and feeling like you just watched an hour of tv and couldn’t remember what was on.

  • Pax

    I don’t even. Just… I don’t even.

  • bravo104

    What? I mean, with something like slender man v commando you can at least tell what is going on, this makes absolutely no sense. at all.

    The lack of an apostrophe in the title made me think that your mum was a dog, literally making you a son of a bitch.

    • bravo104

      * Comma, sorry.

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    Wow, cool story.

    Good description of the characters. Policeman number two sounds especially dishy. Good build up of tension. Whilst the boy is hauling the dead body of his own Mum across the house the police officers are knocking on the door, EEK!!!!

    Nah not really, you silly little troll.

  • Lord Pyroken

    What in the name of time lords just happened

  • Clockwerk Owl

    Must… prevent… malfunctions… from extreme… stupidity level here!!

    Flowers…–Uh, I mean- im fine! I didn’t malfunction! I’m fine… and for pushing me to the now extended limit, I give you a 1/10, down vote, and the threat to hunt you and the 2 who brought your disgusting waste of a human to this planet.
    and I don’t make idle threats.

  • Nimh

    Because of the way that this is written, I read the title as “Where’s my Dog-mom?” more than “Where’s my dog, mom?”. I was hoping for a Dog-mom. I am disappointed.