As I saw her holding the knife with lots of blood in her hands, I panicked. I saw my mother Iaying on the floor. When I looked again to the girl, I got confused on her emotions in her eyes; she is like so depressed, happy or seemingly fine. I couldn’t get what she really feels. She is relaying a message through her eyes and I can’t really find out what it is. My eyes shed some tears as she begun to cry. Police were coming, I can feel it. They were surrounding the house, I can’t move, I can’t carry my legs.

I think two of them were coming, they were shouting my name! They were finding my mother. “Where are you Laisse?” one of the police shouted. I hurriedly carried my mother’s body and enclosed in the nearest cabin in the kitchen, I quickly keep the carpet with blood and washed my hands. “There you are!” one of the police shouted. My heart dropped a bit, “What are you doing here?” I asked blankly. “You just called for an emergency” he added. “Well, I just lose my dog” and I smiled melancholy.

“Fine, so did you find it?” he asked. I simply nodded “My mom let it play outside, I think it will be back soon”. “Fine, we may go” his companion said finally. As they were turning their backs, I get the knife and stabbed them thoroughly; I stabbed and stabbed and stabbed them. “I need to see my dog!” I shouted.

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