This was my first encounter with something paranormal, or at least something that made me shiver, and I still remember it even to this day.

It happened some years ago, I was in my pre-teens and I’ve always been a horror film freak, and open for the paranormal.
This occurrence could just have been my imagination, being in my pre-teens, watching a lot of horror films might’ve made me slightly paranoid.

It was a weekend night. My mom and brother was sleeping heavily in the room right next to me. I’ve always been more of an night owl and this particular night I felt the need to watch Atlantis 2 (yes, the film for kids). Let me just add here that I did not feed my imagination with a horror film that night, which makes it a bit more believable, for me at least.

As the time clocked away I was feeling really drowsy, but I tried so hard to keep my eyes open to finish watching Atlantis.

I found myself later that night, half-asleep looking at the TV, seeing that the film had ended and it was the classic black and white dots, having an ant war on the screen.
I was just about to close my eyes and drift away in sleep when I heard two people whispering. It did sound a little bit like two children, but I figured it must be my mom and my brother. They were in the room right next to me. I could not recall what they said and I did not feel creeped out. I went back to sleep and I slept like a baby.

The next morning, I woke up hearing my mom making breakfast in the kitchen. I pulled myself out of bed, walked to the kitchen, yawning, and asking my mom:
“-I heard you and my brother whispering to each other late at night. What was that about?”
“- Hmm? We were not whispering to each other.”
“- But, I heard you. I couldn’t hear what you were saying, but I definitely heard you two whispering to each other.”

My mom kept looking at me. Not saying anything for a long while.
“- Are you sure you heard someone whispering?” my mom asked.
” – Yes, I am.” I took a short pause and then I recalled that the voices did sound a bit off.
” – Mmh, mom. At first it sounded like two children whispering, but I just figured it was you and my brother.”

My mom’s facial expression when I said that is hard to describe. She looked a bit scared and shocked at what I’ve just told her.
“- Wait here, I’ve got something to show you.” my mom said.

What she showed me on her way back to the kitchen made the hair on my arms rise. I felt this weird, tingling sensation down my spine, and all I could do was stare.
Stare at the object she was holding in her hands.

“- I think this might’ve been what you were hearing last night.” my mom said.

In her hands was a large painting. It had a golden frame and it was beautifully painted. The painting represented two children, standing in the woods. They were wearing winterjackets, gloves, a scarf around their necks and boots.
The painting looked harmless, but what really caught my eye were the two kids, standing there, whispering to each other.

At first I just tried to deny it. Someone whispering late at night, that must have been my imagination.
The thing is though, this painting was stored in a closet in our apartment. This particular closet has an “automatic” light. When you open the door, the light turns on and when you close the door the light turns off.

“- I am pretty sure you heard these two whisper this night.” my mom said still with that weird facial expression.
She continued:
“- I don’t know how many times I’ve closed this closet door. It feels like I close it more than I open it. Now I can understand why. I don’t think these little children like being in the dark.

I’m not sure what happened to the painting after that and I’m really glad we don’t have it anymore. What I can say though is that I do believe the painting is harmless. But it did made me more paranoid, even to this day.

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