Wish Upon A Poisionus Flower

In a house on the outskirts of the forest lived a little girl named Lucy. She lived with her grandmother and they were very poor. Lucy went to school everyday and was bullied constantly by a boy named Toby. Day after day she’d walk home with a smile, waiting for her grandmother to come home from town and tell her that her day was fine.

One day Lucy came home holding back tears. Toby had pushed her down off of the jungle gym during recess and all of the other kids had laughed at her. When she walked through the front door she saw a note on the kitchen counter saying that her grandmother had gone to town to get a few things. Without her grandmother around to keep her from crying, Lucy ran outside towards the forest.

She went to the forest line and slammed herself on the ground and cried. She cried because of Toby pushing her, her grandmother not being there, not having a friend who understood what she went through everyday. She sat there for a while when she heard her grandmother call for her. She began to get up when she noticed a purple flower. Lucy remembered her grandmother pointed it out once calling it a “Foxglove.” She said you could blow on certain flowers and make a wish and it would come true. The flower was poisinous so she closed her eyes and said, “I wish I could have a friend.”

Lucy opened her eyes in time to see the peddles of one of the flowers turn to ash and fall to the ground. She got to her feet and ran inside running into the arms of her grandmother. Seeing her made Lucy forget about Toby and the strange flower. Everything was okay.

The next day Lucy was at the kitchen table eating her breakfast when her grandmother kissed her goodbye and left for the day. Lucy finished her breakfast and washed her dishes, looking out of the window above the sink she saw something. In her backyard stood a girl wearing a purple dress. Lucy walked outside and began walking up to her and saw that her skin was a pale grey color. The girl’s hair was long and black in tangles. She stood where the Foxglove was, Lucy saw that there was a hole in the middle of the ground.

“Excuse me,” Lucy said as she walked a few steps behind the girl.

The girl was looking out at the forest when Lucy saw her. She then turned around and Lucy saw here eyes were a bright golden color. There were black circles around her eyes as if she hadn’t slept in years.Her dress was torn and dirty. The girl stood looking at Lucy.

“Are you lost?,” Lucy asked.

The girl only stared.

“Well I have to go to school now,” Lucy said and walked off.

The whole walk to school Lucy knew the girl was behind her. She figured the girl would stop once they got to her school but she was still behind her. When Lucy walked into her classroom no one made any notion of her or the girl. Only Lucy saw her.

As class went on, the girl sat on the teachers desk watching Lucy. Lucy started to get scared, how could she only see her? And that stare…

At recess the other kids decided to play dodgeball. Lucy wasn’t invited so she sat on the swings with the girl on the swing next to her still watching her. Lucy was about to move to another swing when the dodgeball flew out and hit Lucy knocking her down. The other kids laughed.

“Ha! Ha! Loser!,” Toby said.

Lucy tried not to cry as she pulled herself up from the ground. She looked over to where the girl was sitting and saw that she was gone. On the swing where she sat was bits of pollen. Lucy was relieved to not have to look at that stare.

Lucy walked home like usual and saw her grandmothers note. She sat her stuff down on the kitchen table and made herself a snack. She passed the window without looking so she didn’t have to see if the girl was back. That night she woke up to the sound of her grandmothers wind chimes outside. She sat up and saw the girl looking through her window. She was looking at Lucy. She put something on the window seel. A peddle. The rest of the night Lucy couldn’t sleep.

At school the next day the teacher told the class that Toby had injected a poisinous flower and had put himself in a coma. The classroom was silent the entire day. Lucy didn’t know to think. She looked up and saw the girl sitting on the teachers desk.

“Is she smiling?,” Lucy thought.

The girl looked at Lucy and her smile widened. Her teeth were black.

The next few days were the same. Kids were dissapearing, in comas, dying.

Lucy sat in the backyard looking at the place where she found the poisinous flower she wished on. The girl soon returned from her daily chore and sat beside her. She put the peddles in front of Lucy as she always did when she would return.

“Why are you doing this?,” Lucy asked tracing her fingers over peddles. They were stale and cracking in places.

The girl looked at Lucy with those huge golden eyes. “…not time yet…,” the girl said. Over the past few days she had spoken only a couple of words at a time. Usually it was “…not time yet…” or “soon.” Lucy didn’t understand it but she didn’t want to upset the girl. The sun started to fall. Lucy said her goodbyes to the girl and went in.

It took a couple of weeks for the girl to get everyone in town. She had made sure Lucy stayed home when she would go out. As people began to dissapear Lucy’s grandmother started to act strange. She left the house more and more for long periods of time, sometimes never coming home at night. But Lucy wasn’t afraid as much, she had the girl who always looked through her window to see that she was there. Like a friend.

Lucy sat in the backyard when the girl came back with the final peddle. She handed it to Lucy, like the others it was stale and dry.

“Who’s peddle was this?,” Lucy asked.

“A witch’s,” she said.

Lucy wrapped her arms around her knees as the girl told her the witch was her grandmother, or the woman she thought was her grandmother. When she was a baby the old woman took Lucy from her family and brought her to that town. The people there knew about the old woman, knew she was a witch. But never said anything in fear of what she may do if they did.

“It’s okay,” the girl said as she wrapped Lucy in her arms and picked her up, “I’m your friend now.”

The girl placed Lucy on the hole where the Foxglove grew. The dirt around her started to slowly and softly pull her under. The girl handed Lucy the peddles she had collected. Lucy took them and watched as the peddles started to become smoother, more alive. She smiled up at her new friend.

Years after the towns people had dissapeared, new people began to wander in. Soon the town filled with people.

In a small house on the outskirts of the forest lived a little girl. She lived with her step-mother and they were very poor. She went to school everyday and was bullied constantly by a boy named Billy. Day after day she’d walk home with a smile, waiting to see her two new friends in her backyard.
Credit To – Courtney Bartels

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