I was playing Halo Reach at 4 in the morning, doing a full rotation through the various game modes (Swat had always been my favourite) its a game of strategic coordination and communication between players, although it was hard to find a player with a working microphone who didn’t think socialising with his xbox live buddies was more important then an all out fight to the death. Anyway during these battles I would often feel a bit mischievous and betray one of my team mates until he or she kicked me from the match. This would be an action I would soon regret..
I had finally just gotten into a game after being temporarily banned (for whatever reason) and it’s fair to say I was feeling a little rage for being banned and thought I could take it out by betraying my team and killing random team mates.We spawned in them game and I found someone to kill, his gamertag was A_Bad_Don. At first glance this appeared to be a really shitty reference to The Godfather and the guy thought he was pretty bad,I’d noticed he hadn’t moved since the game started therefore I thought he wasn’t playing, this kind of took the fun out of it. I killed him and didn’t get kicked from the game to no surprise as the guy was idle,I carried on killing him until he eventually picked his controller up and started to play the game. He moved exactly when I shot him in the head and killed him, this must have enraged the guy as after that I remember him killing me several times but I refused to kick him as it was only fair that he got payback, I then backed out of the game and joined a game of Halo’s equivalent of ground war from call of duty and I noticed he joined the same lobby as me.. This was slightly odd to say the least but I figured that it would just be some random coincidence and that everything would be okay, we started the game he started attacking me, obviously I fought back but his shield wouldn’t go down and I eventually died, I backed out of that game and went straight to some call of duty because there’s nothing better to do then camp in one corner and kill anyone who intrudes and I did that, but I noticed the first person to come in to the room I was camping in was A_Bad_Don and he was on the enemy team, He shot me once and killed me, that was after I shot him several times in the head. Furious at this I turned my xbox 360 off and phoned xbox support and I asked to have a gamertag banned for moddifying the game to his own gain, we went through the whole system of questions and I read the gamertag out to her, she searched for him and then she gave me some news that made my blood run cold. She told me there was no such user as A_Bad_Don and to stop phoning the support group, I told her I hadn’t and she told me that she got three calls from people claiming to have been harassed by this gametag. At this point I began to question if that night had been a dream. I did some researching the following night to find any other encounters of A_Bad_Don… Then it hit me.. A_Bad_Don but there where no results.. any forum threads had been removed by the user and all videos of him had been removed from youtube.. I did find one.. on a website full of leaks, I watched it. The video consists of a few friends in a call of duty modern warfare 3 game in which this stumble upon A_Bad_Don he stands there whilst the the three guys taunt him buy shooting him and ‘tea bagging’ next to him at which point a loud screech is heard and the three players controllers disconnect and won’t come back on, they’re forced to look at what happens next, A_Bad_Don’s player stretches and all of the limbs twist in unnatural ways even for a video game, then his face stretches and twist in its own way, a way so sickening it would force anybody to turn away.. but they couldn’t they were forced to watch it twist further as A_Bad_Don screeches and twists then suddenly all three players are disconnected in perfect synchronization. Nothing was ever heard from the three players after this video, any and all attempts to contact them are ignored. It is unknown whether the three teens are alive at this point. All I know is if you should ever encounter A_Bad_Don.. please ignore him… he wants your attention, Think about it, His name is A Bad Don.

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