Back in 1996 when I was around 7,I loved playing Yoshi’s Island on the SNES all day every day after school and was my favorite game as a child. 2012, I’m 22 years old now. Recently on a July noon, I found my old SNES buried in my closet and set it up to my new TV to find out it still works. I then wanted to play Yoshi’s Island to relieve my childhood glory because I haven’t played it in like 11 years, so I searched in my closet and found my old cartridge of Yoshi’s Island and it looked exactly the same only one thing was different. The usual boxart in the front of the cartridge of Yoshi and baby Mario facing a blargg wasn’t there, it was instead just Yoshi standing in a black background with no face expression oddly with no baby Mario, but I ignored it and turned the game on. The Nintendo Presents logo was all normal and made the same coin sound it did when I played it as a child, but the intro story that tells about how Baby Mario and Baby Luigi got to Yoshi’s habitat wasn’t there. When the title screen for Yoshi’s Island came on, the music sounded really slow and the mountains looked as if it were rotting away. I thought it was just a glitch for not playing it for so many years, so I started a my own little save file from when I beat the game. I explored alittle around the first level. One of the things I noticed was there were no shy guys. Usually, they ran all over the place when I playedit as a kid. I started going around the level but as I walked the music started getting distorted and morbid, and the plants in the background were decaying while the sky was turning gray and the rocks were slowly growing moss all over. I also saw the pirhana plants were all wilted and decayed aswell. I started getting suspiscious. Then I realized the music was no longer playing and it was just complete silence. I also notice the smiling message boxes were all green and had a x__x look as if they were dead. I hit the dead block and the text said, “Prepare to be frightened!” Then the whole level just disappeared faded into a black background with eerie trees. mossy ground and very bright water. A konkey with beaming red eyes kidnapped Baby Mario off Yoshi’s back, so I chased after it and when I stuck out my long tounge to get Baby Mario, I automatically ended up swallowing him. At this point I was really scared. Yoshi spit him out, but it was only baby Mario’s hat and his pixelated gut remains Yoshi wasn’t gonna eat. The scary music that comes up when you get “Game Over” in Yoshi’s Story came up as Yoshi stared at me with big nervous eyes while sweat was dripping down his face. I tried moving him, but the control didn’t respond. A purple Yoshi then came up and started sobbing really hard while my green Yoshi I was playing as was still staring at me, and the sobbing didn’t sound like a Yoshi. It sounded like a teenage girl sobbing really hard. This was too much for me. Suddenly, the level faded away and the game went back to the map mode, but this time, it looked more morbid and there was no music. I then entered the next level nervously, and when the red Yoshi entered the level, Baby Mario wasn’t on his back because of what happened in the previous level, and the level was titled, “Uh oh….” It seemed to be a normal overworld level with a stary background, except I was trapped on a small floating island and the music was slow and eerie. Suddenly, a door appeared as if I unlocked it. I entered it, but instead of ending up in another room, I head Yoshi screaming, “owowowowowwowoow!” the way he does in later games when he gets attacked, and the scary sounds of monsters roaring and bones breaking, as if Yoshi was being completely ripped apart. The screen went black and showed the next scene, which appeared to be in a red background with an injured Yoshi limping with blood dripping from it’s eyes and nose and was walking by itself. It passed by a black shape which looked like a silhouette version of Lakitu, lying dead with a knife through it’s head. The bleeding Yoshi looked at me for about 10 seconds with no facial expression at all, just a blank expression and then flipped me off. The game then turned off by itself. I was in deep shock. I unplugged my SNES and shoved it right back into the closet, as well as the game and never went near it again.

Credit To: Eric Potaoe

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