it was a dark and wet night as the rain grew rougher but as i walked back home from my friends house i heard a loud sound saying leave for i have grew in the darkness. it said it 5 more times and each getting louder till the last of the 5 went so loud it pierced my ears. after that i saw a figure appeared behind me. dark and white eyes and following me. i ran till i got home. but when i got there no one was behind me. the next morning it was still raining and i want outside but this time i saw the figure smileing but in the way of physico path and in a few seconds fanished and then things got freakier the neighbors house looked like they we burtaly murder i went in since i know thier son whos is another friend of mine and saw the floor was red as blood i knew they had a red floor but it was a darker red. i felt of the floor and notice it was wet. i looked for the famliy. None were found untill i went back to the living room and looked up and saw that they were hanging from the roof closed eyes and body parts taped to the walls behind me witch i did not see at first anyway in blood was writen one last chance leave leave LEAVE then i felt this fealing that i knew who it was but i was pretty sure it wasnt but i look again and saw in blood remember me ecept it was backwards like this em rebmemer i called the police but my phone said no one can hear your scream then died and smoked. for two more weeks i havent seen the black figure but the following monday of the third week is the week ill never forget no matter how much i tried. it stared a normal day but with no sound except my breath walking and doing stuff i ate breakfast. after that i started to wonder why isnt my mom and dad and brother woke up yet i went to go check on mom and dad and with fear i saw them hanging. in blood i saw Good morning with the smile that the figure had i ran to my brothers room and the same thing happen that day i will never forget and thats the last encounter i have ever seen the black figure.

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