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it was a dark and wet night as the rain grew rougher but as i walked back home from my friends house i heard a loud sound saying leave for i have grew in the darkness. it said it 5 more times and each getting louder till the last of the 5 went so loud it pierced my ears. after that i saw a figure appeared behind me. dark and white eyes and following me. i ran till i got home. but when i got there no one was behind me. the next morning it was still raining and i want outside but this time i saw the figure smileing but in the way of physico path and in a few seconds fanished and then things got freakier the neighbors house looked like they we burtaly murder i went in since i know thier son whos is another friend of mine and saw the floor was red as blood i knew they had a red floor but it was a darker red. i felt of the floor and notice it was wet. i looked for the famliy. None were found untill i went back to the living room and looked up and saw that they were hanging from the roof closed eyes and body parts taped to the walls behind me witch i did not see at first anyway in blood was writen one last chance leave leave LEAVE then i felt this fealing that i knew who it was but i was pretty sure it wasnt but i look again and saw in blood remember me ecept it was backwards like this em rebmemer i called the police but my phone said no one can hear your scream then died and smoked. for two more weeks i havent seen the black figure but the following monday of the third week is the week ill never forget no matter how much i tried. it stared a normal day but with no sound except my breath walking and doing stuff i ate breakfast. after that i started to wonder why isnt my mom and dad and brother woke up yet i went to go check on mom and dad and with fear i saw them hanging. in blood i saw Good morning with the smile that the figure had i ran to my brothers room and the same thing happen that day i will never forget and thats the last encounter i have ever seen the black figure.

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  • andrew

    HEY ITS NOT BAD uggg

  • predhead

    Clean up that punctuation. Real talk.

  • apetc

    Maybe the basic storyline itself isn’t so bad, but the grammatical and spelling mistakes made it almost impossible to read. The story had very poor descriptions and basically no description in the actual “scary” parts (such as the “figure” and the murder of the neighbours and family).

  • shadow_911

    relly ai laykd de escxelent spleing add garamar
    i dnot se wy dis shudlnt b 1 te reel crepypsta it wsa gert

    • SplitPersonality

      I got cancer while reading that.

  • Bear82

    Oh god, I love this site.

  • dizzy

    “i heard a loud sound saying leave for i have grew in the darkness.”
    wut? … *rereads* … WHAT???

    “dark and white eyes and following me.”
    two eyes were chasing the narrator? wut?

  • imadoofus

    I wish people on the Internet would just learn to spell already.

  • Suom Ynona


    Voices are sounds.

    You know what’s even stranger than dark and white eyes chasing the narrator?

    There are eyes chasing the narrator! Eyes can’t chase!

    • Bumble

      It’s called personification

      • Hat God

        Christ you’re smart.

        • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          Christ you’re thick.

  • AkaneSukishima

    Damned straight eyes can chase! … but only if they’re dark and white, you see. Have you ever been chased by dark and white eyes? XD
    Or should I say…
    u only getchasd bydrk nd whit Is.

  • bagel

    Your story is bad and you should feel bad.

  • Dillon

    Basis: Decent. A guy hears a voice behind him, a demon forms, he runs, hides, finds his neighbors slaughtered in a creative fashion, messages to him in blood, can’t call police, family dies by hand of the demon.

    Delivery: BAD! Grammar is awful, detail is off, major plot holes, not even a small hint as to why the demon formed to him, he seems to never have called the police, almost no detail to the demon itself.

    Over-all: At it’s core, it’s a decent idea, but the writer just didn’t have the skill, or motivation. It seems like they rather tried, and couldn’t do it, or they just didn’t give a fuck.

    • BlueFox

      Have to disagree. No part of the story was even remotely frightening – the author went the “gore” route instead, which is almost always a mistake. Dismemberment and mutilation is not creative – it’s hugely overdone in creepypastas. The only “original” detail in this wall-of-text was the bodyparts sellotaped to the wall, but unfortunately that’s too stupid to count.

  • undeadmuffins

    what? My nightmare is illegible grammar and bad writing? how did you know???

  • DiamondEyes_DawnDog

    That phone died. It died because it was smoking. Smoking is damaging to your health.


    This story is my nightmare…

  • Beefnuts

    This story gave me brain herpies!!

    • Donna

      Herpies? As in Her Pies? LOL

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      If you had spelt herpes correctly the comment would be a lot better.

  • janniex


    • Tyler

      I NUR, RURT!?

  • ChicagoGuy

    Those physico paths are a menace, and should be eradicated.

    My favorite part: "…the neighbors house looked like they we burtaly murder i went in since i know thier son whos is another friend of mine and saw the floor was red as blood i knew they had a red floor but it was a darker red."


    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      What’s a physico path?

      Is it some sort of specialist doctor?

  • WTF

    I just think i lost some brain cells.

  • Dark Figure


  • SmileBlackDahlia

    I like the general concept of this story, unfortunately the complete lack of grammar made this crappypasta very hard to read.

  • DerpyHooves

    Wait a minute…Was “none” the only capitalization in the whole pasta?

  • Irish Motherfucker

    I’m not the “author,” but for whatever reason I feel like I owe the rest of you an apology. I’m sorry this story was ever written. I’m sorry that in some part of the world there is a man or woman this stupid. I’m sorry the story was emailed to this website. I’m sorry you had to read it. I’m just so sorry. We just… we never had a chance.

  • Dave Taylor

    commas are very important because they show you where thoughts Change slightly but not enough to form a new sentence in fact i think commas are almost as importrant as propper Capitilazaton an spelling r improtrant to make sure people can read ur story yu want to make sure to remebrer to use them all and expecially comma bcuz they are tellin the reader wen is safe to Breath before next senteance start. also i liek wen red floors get redder dat ish cray.

    • Donna

      Not to sound rude but, I think you need to use CAPITAL LETTERS at the beginning of a sentence, full stops at the end of sentences and less “Sentanz leik thes” Please,I mean text talk is an eyesore to begin with!

      • Lol

        I’m pretty positive that they were joking.

  • SgtPepperWasPhone


    you can hear the brothers Merriam and Webster roll over in their graves.

    Pfft. The concept is great, but your grammar and spelling need work.

  • Cara

    “fanished”? Is that where you’re so hungry you disappear?

    • Donna

      According to the author,yes!